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Change of schedule on the 9th

Change (Moved from the 7th)

A. Alshehri. Use and Understanding of Intrinsic Frames of Reference. 13:45-14:10, room #104.

L. Masson-Collin. Motion events across languages: a parallel-corpus investigation of English, French and Japanese spatial expressions. 13:45-14:10, room # 104, read by Eva Soroli.

Change (Moved from the 8th)

V. Zabotkina. Cognitive mechanisms of linguistic creativity. 16:30-16:55, room #206.


H. Sarvasy, A. Tuninetti, C. Kung, and P. Escudero. EEG in PNG: A report on the neurolinguistics of clause chain processing. 15:30-15:55, room #208. The following presentation and discussions start 30 minutes earlier.