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Travel information: From KIX to major hotel areas


There are regular and frequent bus shuttles from Kansai International Airport (KIX) to Nishinomiya and cities neaby (Osaka, Amagasaki, Kobe, but not Takarazuka). Osaka Airport Limousine will take you to Nishinomiya in 75 minutes, running 20 times a day, or to Umeda (central Osaka) in 70 minutes, running 60 times a day. Other options include shared shuttle taxis which take each passenger directly to their hotels.


From KIX to Takarazuka

  • In order to reach Takarazuka area from KIX, probably the easiest option would be to take an airport limousine bus to Hankyu Nishinomiya Kitaguchi terminal, and then take Hankyu Imazu line to Takarazuka station or Takarazuka Minamiguchi station. It takes about 2 and a half hours in total. Timetable and fares of airport limousines to Nishinomiya are found at

Step-by-step pictured guides


From KIX Osaka/Umeda Area transportation information

  • There is an airport limousine going to Hotel New Hankyu Osaka and then to Herbis Osaka in about one hour, running 60 times a day. If your hotel is in the north or east of Umeda Area, Hotel New Hankyu Osaka stop is useful. If your hotel is in the west or south of Umeda Area, Herbis Osaka stop is probably closer. Go to the following page for schedules and fares:

From KIX to Kobe/Sannnomiya Area

  • There is an airport limousine bus arriving in Kobe Sannomiya. See the following page for information: Many hotels in the Sannomiya area are in the walking distance of the bus terminal and Hankyu Kobe-Sannomiya Station. To go to Kobe Portopia Hotel, one needs to transfer to Port Liner (monorail) to Shimin Hiroba Station.