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Change of schedule on the 8th


M. J. Serrano. The cognitive basis of desubjectivizing constructions: The use of the periphrases haber/tener que + infinitive in Spanish. 13:15-13:40, #208.

M. Vokáčová & E. Lehečková. Logical metonymy constructions in Czech and Dutch (Poster T17)

R. Kim. Effects of L1 Typology to Performance of L2 Statistical Preemption: Korean EFL learners reject ‘The lifeguard swam the boy to the shore’ more strongly than Chinese EFL Learners (Poster T20)

M. Liu & Zh. Wang. A Relevance-Theoretic Approach to Mistranslation. (Poster T 33)



E. S. Afreh & H. A. Kyeremeh. Metaphors of Formal learning, education and knowledge among ghanaian students: The Case of Knust. From 11:20-11:45, Aug 8th, room #204 to 9:00-9:25, Aug 10th, room #204.

V. Zabotkina. Cognitive mechanisms of linguistic creativity. From 10:50-11:15, Aug 8th, 200m #108, to 16:30-16:55 Aug 9, room #206.