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Q: Why is ICLC 15 going to be held in August rather than usual mid-July?

A: Classes in most universities in Japan continue till the first week of August. There is a big holidy in mid-August as well. August 6-11 is the only days we found when Japanese participants and other participants from around the globe can attend the conference.

Q: Is it going to be hot?

A: It can be very hot in August in the Kansai area where this conference is going to be held (You can look at Local Information page of our website for weather information). However, air-conditioning is standard in this part of the world, and all rooms are fully airconditioned in the venue. So are hotels, perhaps except for some guesthouses and hostels.

Q: Do I have to be an ICLA member to participate?

A: You do not have to be an ICLA member in order to participate in the conference. However, members will get a substantial reduction in the conference fees as well as enjoy other benefits (more information and member signup via the ICLA website).