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Wi-fi connectivity

At the venue

On Kwansei Gakuin campus, an international roaming service called eduroam is available. In order to use eduroam, you must apply for an account at your own institution. Kwansei Gakuin University cannot create a guest account for the participants. Only those who have an account already can use the service. The information about  eduroam is found here. Ask your institution to create an eduroam account for you.

However, given the large number of registered participants (550 as of July 31), you may experience a problem in using eduroam if many tries to connect. If you have other options, such as using a pocket wifi (see below), we appreciate you using them.


Outside the venue

Many hotels provide free wifi service for their guests. There are also free wifi hotspots. The information about those spots are available below.




Pocket wifi rentals

At Kansai International Airport, there are several choices for pocket wifi rentals. This site contains information which may be useful to you (we are not recommending any particular services. We are referring you to this page just for your information).