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The 20th Meeting of JCLA (Aug 5-6)

ICLC 15 is preceded by the 20th Meeting of Japanese Cognitive Linguistics Association, which takes place at the same campus on August 5th and 6th, with the second day overlapping with ICLC 15. Participants of ICLC can participate in JCLA meeting for free on the 6th by showing some evidence of registration with ICLC 15 (e.g., mail concerning online registration). Registration fee is required for participation on the 5th. The events are mostly in Japanese but there are some English-speaking events. General sessions and workshops (5th and the morning of 6th) take place in Buidling B, and poster session (12:30-13:30, 6th) will be in basement of Central Auditorium. The program of JCLA 20 (only partially English) is found here.