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Student/young scholar event

We are happy to announce that we offer a student/young scholar event during the ICLC15, as an opportunity for students and postdoc researchers to interact with each other. This event consists of two parts. The first part is a workshop “how to publish in a leading journal” presented by two distinguished professors Jeanette Littlemore and Dagmar Divjak. The second part is  a social event over special buffet dinner to informally interact with each other.

Pre-registration is required. This event is sponsored by Mouton de Gruyter. Thanks to Mouton de Gruyter,  we charge only 1000 yen (ca. 9.3USD) for 4000 yen’s worth of special buffet dinner including some Japanese dishes.

News: We expanded the capacity, and a few seats have become available. Please register for the event from below.

  • Date: August 7th (Wed.), 18:50– (after Martin Hilpert’s plenary talk)
  • Place: Reception Hall, Kwansei-Gakuin Kaikan (located within the campus)
  • Charge: 1,000 yen (to be paid in cash before the event)
  • Eligible participants: students, Ph.D candidates, and postdoc researcher
  • Dinner:  buffet dinner (Vegetarian dishes are included in the buffet)
  • Pre-registration: Registration is from here.

Part 1 Workshop: “How to publish in a leading journal”

This session provides a joint talk titled “how to publish in a leading journal”, aiming to encourage you Ph.D students and young scholars to publish your own work in peer-reviewed journals.


  • Professor Jeannette Littlemore, at the University of Birmingham (a General Editor of Language and Cognition)
  • Professor Dagmar Divjak, at the University of Birmingham (Editor-in-Chief of Cognitive Linguistics)

Part 2 Social event (special buffet-style dinner)

The second part of this event offers buffet-style dinner in the same venue. The purpose of the event is to develop a network of contacts, and perhaps stimulate future collaboration, and to give the opportunity to practice explaining your research. Thanks to the official sponsor Mouton de Gruyter, we will serve 4000 yen’s worth of special buffet dinner only for 1000 yen. Enjoy interacting with other scholars over delicious food!