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Theme Sessions

A group of prospective participants can propose a theme session, in which thematically related papers are presented. A theme session can be on any topic in cognitive linguistics.

There are two stages for submissions for a theme session. First, theme session organizers should submit their theme session proposals directly to the conference organizers at the following address by September 15, 2018.

iclc2019themesessions @ (Delete a space before and after “@”.)

Theme session proposals should include: the session title, the name and affiliation of the theme session organizer, an introduction of up to 400 words explaining the theme, a list of the authors and titles of the individual papers, and all abstracts of the papers in the proposed theme session (100 words each) in a suitable order.

The conference schedule particularly suits sessions comprised of 6, 7 or 11 slots (25 minutes each), including time for an introduction and a general discussion. Indicate in the proposal whether you would like to have a 25-minute time slot for an introduction and/or a general discussion. Papers in each theme session should be thematically linked. We strongly encourage diversity at the level of the affiliations involved in the theme session—one third of the papers should be contributed by authors outside the affiliation of the theme session organizer. Theme session organizers are encouraged to launch a broad call for submissions. The acceptance of theme session proposals will be made in mid-October.

Once a theme session has been accepted as a whole, individual theme session authors will need to submit their abstracts for review (following the same guidelines of submission for general and poster sessions below). Papers need to be individually accepted in order to be a part of a theme session.